Our practice is engaged in construction civil, structural engineering, mechanical and electrical, planning and urban development, landscaping and interior design; all areas requiring independent cost control and an impartial link between designer and constructor.

All of our Associates and senior personnel are Associate members of the Tanzania Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

Preliminary Cost Advice

  • Checking the viability of a Client's budget when related to the scope of work
  • Establishment of a suitable budget from his requirement brief
  • Preparation of feasibility reports for commercial ventures
  • Advising on the cost implications of alternative materials and methods of construction or building layouts
  • Advising on methods of reducing cost when the likely cost exceeds the budget
  • Advising on capital cost versus future maintenance cost

Cost Planning

  • Drawing up detailed cost plans at preliminary design stage
  • Checking the cost of each constituent part of the building as the design is developed against the detailed cost plan
  • Advising on areas where costs may exceed the allowances and assisting with the identification of more economical design solutions
  • Advising on the cost implications of Client changes
  • Providing a pre bid/tender estimate once the design work is complete

Contracting Metthods

Assessing the Client's requirements relating to programme and budget in order to recommend the most suitable solution. Examples are as follows:-
  • Open competitive bidding/tendering (e.g. by advertising)
  • Selected competitive bidding/tendering (to ensure only suitable contractors are invited)
  • Negotiated tender (to save time or perhaps to agree a price with a contractor already employed by the Client)
  • Turnkey project (design and build by a contractor who specializes in a particular type of construction)

Bidding/Tendering and Selection of Contractor

  • Preparing bid/tender documents containing contractual particulars, specification of materials and workmanship and Bills of Quantities detailing the work.
  • Issuing documents to contractors setting out the terms and conditions for bidding/tendering.
  • Checking bids/tenders submitted, resolving anomalies, identifying arithmetical errors and preparing a detailed report and recommendations.
  • On award of a contract by the Client, preparing Contract Documents for signature by both parties.

Post Contract Financial Control

  • Preparing a projected cash flow covering the construction period.
  • Measuring and valuing work in progress and materials on site for interim payments to Contractors/Sub Contractors.
  • Measuring authorized changes and agreeing quantities and cost with Contractors/Sub Contractors.
  • Estimating the cost effect of proposed changes before instructions are issued for implementation
  • Preparing regular Financial Status Reports
  • Advising Client upon contractual/financial claims of Contractors/Sub Contractors.
  • On completion of construction, preparing final accounts and agreeing with Contractors/Sub Contractors

Project Management

  • Acting on behalf of the Client in handling the overall management of a project, including selecting a team of design consultants, selection of contractors and exercising control over the Client's budget.


  • Valuations of properties to establish recommended asset/insurance/tax values
  • Valuation of losses incurred by fire, storms etc. for loss assessment
  • Valuation of work under construction where there is likely to be litigation or in cases of insolvency.

Arbitration Works

  • Providing advice on contractual law
  • Measuring and valuing construction work which is the subject of a dispute
  • Acting as an expert witness for contractual disputes
  • Acting as Arbitrator in the settlement of construction related disputes