CQS Services Limited (and associated practices) has in the past 20 years worked in association with the following architects in Tanzania, and is still working with the good number of them:

Claus Bremer Associates

Covell Matthews Partnership

DAG Architects

Dangliesh Africa Group (Pty)

DMJ Architects

Flint & Best Limited

GM Architects (K) Ltd.

Epitome Architect Limited

MD Consultancy

MDS Architects, RSA

Symbion International

Architectural Pioneering Consultants Limited

Wimberly Allison Tong & Goo, UK

qD Consult Limited

Studio 7 Limited

Mekon Arch consult

Norman & Dawbarn

PSM Architects

Romani Architects (K) Ltd.

A.B. Almeida RIBA

Sumar Varma & Associates

Iain Patties associates Limited

Space in Place Architects

Design Studios